Welcome Elizabeth to the Staff!

I started dance at the age of four at Center Stage dance studio in Jasper, taking ballet, tap, hip-hop, and jazz. I began taking pointe at the age of eleven.

I’ve always considered the dance studio to be a second home to me and spent a lot of time there.

At the age of nine I officially started helping out my dance teacher with the younger kids and have ever since then! From there I worked my way up and have been able to teach and choreograph dances for my studio. Aside from dancing in the studio and at recitals, I’ve been asked to perform at women’s conferences. When the studio closed down in Jasper I knew my dance journey couldn’t be over with yet so I decided to join Studio B in Buna! When they said they were short handed in staff I immediately volunteered and have loved working with the kids in Buna ever since.

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